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Aeore Healer

Bestow life to allies while cursing their enemies with death and decay

When it comes to healing arts, Aeore Healers reign supreme, renowned for their ability to heal even the most terrible of wounds in mere seconds. At the same time, their spells have the exact opposite effect on their enemies, literally draining them of life.

Aeore Healer’s Basic Skills

  • Party Return

    Teleports the hero’s allies to the nearest settlement

  • Summon Lumi

    Woven from light itself, the Rumi spirit doubles the Healer’s power in combat

  • Celestial Protection

    Grants the group total invulnerability for ten seconds

and weapons

Healers feel a constant flow of energy while wearing a robe

  • Immortal Armor
  • Twilight Armor
  • Seraph Armor
  • Eternal Armor


Weapons designed for mages are most beneficial for Healers

  • Amaranthine Retributer
  • Apocalypse Caster
  • Specter Buster

Healer in the game