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Yul Archer

Vulnerable at close range, yet extremely dangerous at long range

Yul Archers are masters of the art of marksmanship, and the new heavy crossbow allows them to keep their enemies at an even greater distance. They move with incredible speed and enjoy unlimited ammo thanks to their enchanted quiver.

Yul Archer’s Basic Skills

  • Summon Thunder Hawk

    The hawk can assist the hero by using a wide range of skills

  • Bow Strike

    Knocks enemies back, forcing them to engage in ranged combat

  • Final Ultimate Escape

    Temporarily increases the hero’s chance to dodge physical attacks

and weapons

Archers prefer lightweight armor that does not restrain their movements

  • Immortal Armor
  • Twilight Armor
  • Seraph Armor
  • Eternal Armor


Archers are most skilled with bows and crossbows

  • Specter Thrower
  • Apocalypse Shooter
  • Requiem Thrower

Archer in the game